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If you like solitaire you will like Solitaire Card Collection, it's a very simple yet addictive version of the classic card game.  It is a great app for all ages and for passing those minutes away.

The object of the game is to get all the cards of the same suit onto the foundation piles along the top. Each pile should start with the ACE and finish with the KING.

You are dealt a given amount of cards from the deck ( Stock ), you then try and place the top card from the dealt cards onto a Tableau pile.  You can only place a card of different colour and the card value on the Tableau pile has to be one more than the card you are placing.

- Simple Gameplay
- Single Click Play
- Clear and Crisp UI
- Quick Gameplay
- Multiple Background Colours
- Store Best Time and Best Move
- Different card deal amounts ( 1 or 3 )

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